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Ecological Research & Management

Brett Lane and Associates

Bushfire Management and Assessment Services

BushfireBrett Lane & Associates Pty Ltd (BL&A) is an established team of environmental consultants based in Melbourne that services the property and infrastructure development industries in Victoria and elsewhere in south-eastern Australia. We offer a bushfire assessment service to assist in ensuring your project complies with the Victorian planning controls that aim to reduce risk to life, property and infrastructure from bushfire.

The provision of defendable space to reduce fuel levels for bushfire around buildings and infrastructure, as required by planning controls, may involve the removal of native vegetation. We take an integrated approach to a site assessment and can simultaneously undertake bushfire and native vegetation assessments, as well as flora and fauna surveys. This is a more cost-effective and streamlined process for dealing with both bushfire and vegetation planning controls.

More information on bushfire planning controls and the services we provide can be found at the links below:

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